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Welcome to our cine-copter

Welcome to our cine-copter

‘Drones’ have been instrumental in providing new capabilities and represents a genuine opportunity for the business. These new capabilities we have said about collect “Big Data” which have been either inaccessible or too expensive to be economically viable! Traditionally drones used for defense purpose, observing border areas, surveillance and forestry, natural disaster such as earthquake, flood, and hurricane or forest fire.

The use of drones in many sectors creates significant benefits. Business are pursuing new ways to improve their approach by adding aerial “Big Data” to their existing product and services by leveraging these new technologies.

Unlocking the full potential for the use of drones while maintaining the high standards of safety will require skills and experience. Indeed, the market is likely to be operated by many hobbyist (consumer leisure drones) and unauthorized operators. One should consider risk when hiring such a fleet of drone which may likely to create an unpleasant situation.

CineCopter is authorize by FAA Section 333 and Part 107. Drone operating and management in various areas of the airspace are a “must-have” for safety of manned aircrafts. As being a private pilot and PIC, understanding the impact of bird in the jet engine or into propeller can bring the plane into emergency descent! Furthermore, societal worries on privacy and accidents create an additional barrier in using drones. Therefore, ability to address how drones can safely integrated into your existing business while mitigating the risk factors must be considered.

About Us

Established in 2014 and based in Warren, New Jersey, Cinecopter is a licensed supplier of aerial filming and photographic services with Exemption 333 and Part 107 granted by FAA. Cinecopter’s pilots are qualified with holding Private Pilot Certificate and Part 107 license.

We specialize in capturing smooth, spectacular footage and imagery from the air and on the ground. We have invested in and mastered state-of-the-art drone and camera stabilization technology to ensure even the smallest vibrations don't ruin a shot.

Cinecopter, Founded by twin brothers, a former working experience in Broadcast (Direct TV, Sony TV) with NYU Film and Video educational background, running independent HD/4K production studio in providing complete solution from ground to aerial filming. The growing team hold a wealth of experience from cinematography to surveying and hundreds of unmanned flying hours too.

Rajiv Patel
Private Pilot & UAV Pilot, Managing Director

“I was drawn to aerial filming when I first saw the possibilities of flying camera on drones. The results go well beyond those previously offered with Helicopters and Dolly rails and creatively it opens up many more options and gives the viewer a very different experience to static cameras filming at ground level”. Rajiv not only flies but is happy to plan/Direct the shoots with the creative brief and finished product very much in mind. “Cinecopter has remained at the top of the drone filming sector because we understand the creative art of film-making and photography. Many drone operators are purely skilled in flying but fail to understand what actually looks good on camera and how to achieve it. Our film creation and photography editing abilities also hopefully put our end product above most of the other drone filming companies in the market place”.

Sanjiv Patel
Creative Film Editor and Camera Operator, Managing Director

We are dedicated to leading the evolution of aerial cinematography and training others.

Our Work



Commercial and professional business are expected to demand drones in both rural and urban settings and will be reliant on beyond visual line of sight capabilities. Some of the most influential sector such as Agriculture, Energy, Delivery purpose, Public safety and security will require to operate BVLOS.

The area of operation for commercial applications and its uses started with mapping, surveying and inspections. As such, drone missions span many more sectors that will also benefit. These industries such as mining, construction, telecommunications, insurance and others. Some of the few VLOS applications being exercises in evolving industry are:

  • Inspecting industrial infrastructure, such as flare stacks of an oil refinery, to limit expensive shutdowns and avoid placing personnel in hazardous conditions
  • Patrolling of pipeline, electricity power-lines and railways to detect physical abnormal activity like encroachment or intrusion
  • Mapping and surveying of mining and construction sites to perform tasks such as stock pile management, pre- & post-blast data collection and vegetation change tracking
  • Analyzing crop health and conducting topographic survey to support agriculture
  • Delivering emergency medical supplies such as defibrillators for cardiac arrest
  • Transferring real time data from fire and emergency scenes to fire-fighter and police forces on the ground in order to assess danger and locate at-risk person

Identifying and use of drone technologies (e.g., detect and avoid, datalink, geofencing) are key enablers for safety performance in-line with high standards of the aviation industry. At CineCopter, we believe learning new technology advancements is equally important to increase the value for our clients ‘Big Data”. A separation can be drawn between 'certified' drones and 'specific' drones in anticipating categories being defined on current framework. 'Specific' drones, representing medium levels of risk, have been defined generally as being below 50 pound and flying near or below 400 feet. The 'certified' category used for drones flying well above 400 feet and sufficient size to create more substantial risk. These categorizations should not become deciding factor for the risk assessment rather individual missions (proximity to densely populated areas and type of airspace) must be the overall deciding factors. The 'specific' category has been used as a general rule for commercial applications under FAA 'part 107'. It is designated for low risk missions where only FAA knowledge test requires to qualify use of drone. Industry standard, recommended added layer of safety and knowledge is helpful with private pilot certificate. More complex certified drones are expected primarily in public safety and security and mobility sectors. Drones with longer endurances and flying well above 400 feet are expected for border security, maritime surveillance and other environment assessments (e.g., forestry and national park surveillance). Currently, applications being discussed globally are public safety & security, Aerial imagery, Agriculture, Mapping & surveying, Energy/Oil & Gas, Real estate, Delivery & e-commerce.

Following few sectors can be operated under 'specific' categories of operation with limitation! Energy infrastructure inspections (solar farms, wind turbines, power plants, dams, refineries, oil platforms) Public safety and security (police and fire response units) Mining and construction (both quarries and industrial construction sites, potential for residential surveying), Real Estate & Insurance (property & inspections) Media & Cinema (news coverage, TV/film, private events)

The efficiency, cost and safety benefits brought by drones to businesses will inevitably drive market growth, resulting in new opportunities and a positive impact on the economy. This commercial growth extends what has already been a growing market in the areas of leisure drones as consumer electronics. Drone provider as companies look to maximize their upside in the market. Economic valuation for this portion of the value chain is represented by the total willingness to pay after removing the production value of drones, piloting operations and other on-going costs related to maintenance and insurance that are required to deliver the services. ‘Big Data’ processing and analytics expertise is a key source into packaging and representing value of the project.


As filmmakers, we know that capturing the perfect shot or sequence is critical to success. We have one of the most diverse Drone fleets in the industry, and our cutting-edge platforms can support nearly any camera and gimbal combination. Whether you need a heavy-lifting beast for smooth, cinematic shots or a small and nimble rig for close proximity flying.

System Description
System Description
Ronin MX Camera gimbal able hold a Red dragon, Alexa Mini, Blackmagic cinema camera, DSLRs
Zenmuse X5raw Camera A lightweight gimbal camera shooting Raw 4k footage - As the world’s first Micro Four Thirds camera made specifically for professional aerial photography and videography, the Zenmuse X5R gives you the freedom to choose your lens.
DJI MFT Lens 15mmf/1.7 ASPH - Equivalent: 30mm
Olympus M.Zuiko Lens Lens - 25mm f/1.8 ASPH - Equivalent: 50mm
http://www.xfoldrig.com/product/xfold-cinema-x8-rtf/ or http://www.xfoldrig.com/

Our Services

  • Media & Cinema

    The media and film industry are already a driving force behind the use of drones, with existing uses in sport event broadcasting, movie making and news coverage. As drones provide a cost effective alternative to helicopters for aerial views and offer new opportunities to capture unique vantage points.

  • Real Estate & Insurance

    Local surveying drones are also likely to be used in the area of real estate where the technology can be used to capture aerial views of for sale properties for promotional purposes. The use for promotional purposes and visualization will be influenced by high competition between real estate agencies, as evidenced by luxury real estate companies providing clients with virtual reality tours of properties. Overall, these aerial images are of most value with larger, more luxurious properties.

  • Suitable For

    Feature Films | High End Commercials | tv Drama | Documentary

    Compact, lightweight and self-contained, the ARRI ALEXA Mini is a versatile additional tool in the ALEXA camera range. We find that the ALEXA Mini perfectly complements ALEXA shooting kits, eliminating the complications of working with third-party cameras for specialised shots and keeping everything within a single system that is trusted all over the world.

  • Uncompromised Image Quality For Specialized Shots

    The overwhelming advantage of the ALEXA Mini is that it marries such a compact and lightweight form factor with the same unparalleled image quality that has made the ARRI ALEXA system a gold standard for the industry. Combine the Mini with any other ALEXA camera and you will have perfectly matched images, even on anamorphic productions – thanks to the 4:3 sensor and automatic de squeeze function. Workflows will also be identical, with options to record ProRes or uncompressed ARRIRAW either in-camera to CFast 2.0 cards or to a specially-designed external Codex recorder.

    The ALEXA Mini can only be hired out with our approved camera operator and CAA approved drone pilots.

    Contact us to find out how to hire the ALEXA Mini for Aerial Filming.

  • Dji Inspire 1 Pro

    These drones are single or dual operator setup and come with a range of small format camera options. With these systems we can shoot up to 14mp still images and up to 4k video.

    This class of drone is perfect for smaller budgets, rapid deployment and getting gear into hard-to-reach places.

    The photo and video quality of this class of drone is truly amazing.

    On hand we have 2 DJI Inspire 1 Pros. They may be small in stature but don't let that fool you in to thinking they can't keep up with the 'big guns'! When operations requir e an easily deployable, swift set-up with 4K recording capabilities, the Inspire 1 Pro is our weapon of choice.

    This is the drone that completely changed aerial cinematography. The Inspire Pro is a lightweight and nimble drone fitted with the Zenmuse X5. Although small, this package packs a punch; offering a Micro Four Thirds sensor and boasting 4K at up to 30fps.

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